Let the Pearl be born of a quick wound to protect itself, and that the mother-of-Pearl shines to conceal the purulence, this is the angelic present of nature

Robert Mallet

Nacre is the inner lining, with iridescent reflections, of some mollusque shells, biosynthesized by the mantle and composed of crystals of aragonite bound by a protein called conchyoline. It is a long sought after product for decoration, marquetry, jewellery making or buttons.

The pieces of mother-of-Pearl are softened in boiling water and then flattened and cut according to the shapes sought for the manufacture of objects. Generally white, the mother-of-Pearl can be dyed from organic dyes in grey, green or pink.

The so-called "free" Pearl are deep white and are highly prized in the fashion world. They are found in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the vicinity of Djibouti, Madagascar, the Indian West Coast or the Arabian Sea.